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As we say goodbye to summer and school resumes, you may be in the process of picking up last minute items for the upcoming semester. All Star Health is here to offer essential wellness products to help to kick off a healthy and safe back to school experience such as hand sanitizer, multivitamins and healthy […]

Author Jenny Han wrote, “Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” Are you planning a vacation or getaway this summer? Have you been anticipating a trip to the beach and you’ve just now realized you’ll need some sun protection? Perhaps you have a weekend getaway planned enjoying the outdoors with […]

Monthly Special: MET-Rx

June 24th, 2021

Last chance for June Specials!  June 2021 All Star Health is offering new special deals on MET-Rx health supplements! MET-Rx products are currently 15% off all month long so you can stock up on all your essential health products for summer. This popular brand offers a wide variety of products designed for elite athletes, bodybuilders […]

This June is Father’s Day, a day all about showing our gratitude for everything our fathers have done for us. What better way to show your appreciation than by treating them to the best that All Star Health has to offer? Give the gift of health and wellness this Father’s Day with one of our […]

Source: This blog is courtesy of Quest Nutrition So, that’s why a healthy diet consists of just a little bit of natural sweetness (found in fruit, like berries or an apple, for example) as well as occasional indulgences—we are human—as opposed to making it the star of your daily meals and snacks. In fact, it’s […]

Spring is in full swing and to kick off this new month, All Star Health has added some new specials for April 2021. 5 Hour Energy bottles are currently 10% off this month so you can get that extra energy boost while saving money! Energy on the go has never been so easy and portable. […]

Looking for a more natural way to dye your hair for Spring? Consider using the natural dye known as henna. Henna is derived from a plant, and is typically known for its use in body art; however, it actually has amazing benefits for our hair.  A new product here at All Star Health is Tints […]

Aromatherapy With Essential Oils

February 18th, 2021

There are many approaches to promoting a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Many of us already use a combination of antioxidants, herbs, and vitamins to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  So what else can we do?  A natural addition to your current wellness routine may be the use of aromatherapy. So, what exactly is aromatherapy? Experts […]

Sleep  plays an important role in maintaining good health and general well-being throughout our day to day lives. Ensuring that you are getting enough quality sleep at the right times will help to protect your mental and physical health, as well as your overall quality of life. There are many sleep supplements on the market […]