Back to School with All Star Health

August 26th, 2021

As we say goodbye to summer and school resumes, you may be in the process of picking up last minute items for the upcoming semester. All Star Health is here to offer essential wellness products to help to kick off a healthy and safe back to school experience such as hand sanitizer, multivitamins and healthy yummy snacks!

Hand Sanitizer
If hand sanitizer is at the top of your list this year, consider these anti bacterial gels and sprays. All Good Hand Sanitizer Spray Peppermint is an organic peppermint scented spray that is perfect for on the go disinfecting. Another hand sanitizer that we recommend is the Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E, it is an aloe vera packed gel that kills germs without drying out your hands so you and your family can have clean, moisturized hands throughout the day.

We all want our family to have the essential nutrients and energy, especially to combat the new school year. Incorporating a multivitamin and/or mineral supplement may help aid the body in healthy growth, stronger brain function, and emotional well being. For the children in your life, we suggest the Childlife Child Life – Multi Vitamin & Mineral Orange Mango, a tasty liquid multi that provides a full spectrum of vitamins to promote healthy development in children. All Star Health also carries a broad selection of multivitamins for teens, dads, moms and grandparents as well!

Healthy Snacks
Studies shows that hungry kids have a harder time concentrating. Consider sending some protein bars with your children to school to help keep the hunger at bay. We carry all the popular and tasty protein bars kids enjoy. In fact, some even taste like sweet treats! Your kids will love the Clif Bar Z Bar for Kids which come in a large variety of sweet flavors, such as Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie, and (my favorite!) Iced Oatmeal Cookie.

We wish everyone a safe and happy school year and we hope the homework load is light!



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