Best fish oil supplements for kids

May 26th, 2011

Most people are now familiar with the extensive benefits of supplementing with omega-3 fish oil. Fish oil supplements help balance out the ratio of omega-3’s in the diet to omega-6’s. Many if not most adults take fish oil, but what about kids? Should kids supplement with omega-3s? What are the best fish oil supplements for kids?

Rainbow light gummy omegaliscious

Kids Should Supplement With Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are important additions to any diet regardless of gender or age. Kids can supplement with omega-3’s in the form of great tasting gummies or easy to swallow softgels. Although it’s safe for kids to take standard fish oil softgels, most parents prefer to give their children these special products designed just for kids to increase the odds of them actually taking the supplement. If your child is picky about taking vitamins or supplements, be sure and try the Rainbow Light fish oil gummies.

List of Popular Kids’ Fish Oil Supplements

Here are some of our favorite choices for kids fish oil supplements. They include tasty gummies and easy to swallow softgels specially made for children.

  1. Rainbow Light Gummy Omegaliscious: These fish oil gummies are perfect for kids who can’t swallow pills.
  2. Nature’s Way EFA Blend for Children: Eye and Brain Function Formula.* DHA and related Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are major elements of both brain and eye tissue. This combines the researched levels of these key essential fatty acids to support eye and brain function.
  3. Carlson Elite Omega-3 Gems: Carlson offers a chewable form of fish oil marketed towards adults but is a great option for kids as well. Parents can buy one fish oil supplement that can be consumed by everyone in the family. They taste great and contain more DHA/EPA than most other chewable forms of fish oil.

Help your kids enjoy taking their fish oil supplements by getting them great-tasting fish oil products at affordable prices. Make sure and keep your child’s diet as healthy as possible and provide him/her with plenty of regular exercise to maintain optimal health.

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