Best meal replacement bars

May 5th, 2011

Choices, choices, choices…

Sick of chewing endlessly through  high protein / low impact carb bars with enough fiber to string a rope? Tired of eating meal replacement bars that cost a fortune and taste like meh? You get the point: it’s tough to find a really good and affordable meal replacement bar.[/caption]

When it comes to meal replacement bars, there’s a lot of junk out there. My questions to you include: Are you aware of the different brands of energy/meal replacement bars and whole food bars that exist today? Are you currently unhappy with the bars and shakes you’re currently consuming? Are you sticking to a product or brand you don’t like out of convenience or pure laziness? Too busy to find something better? If so, I dedicate this article to you my friend!

Best meal replacement bars

Given the great breadth of meal replacement bar products available, when determining the best it helps to first know what kind of meal replacement bar you are looking for. You can break these bars down into four main categories:

  1. General meal replacement and snack bars: These bars don’t necessarily serve a distinct purpose other than to either replace a meal or serve as a snack with a decent amount of protein and respectable portion of calories. Unlike the low-carb or diet bars, these bars have higher concentrations of carbs and fat, so obviously they taste better and provide more calories. Recommended for: Athletes, active people, anyone especially picky about taste, teens. Recommended Brands: Balance Bar, Clif Bar, Power Bar, Power Crunch, ISS Research Oh Yeah! Bar.
  2. High protein low carb bars: These bars are designed as a meal replacement for those on a low-carb diet. Most of the time they contain higher concentrations of sugar alcohols which are classified as “non-impact” carbohydrates. In other words, they are sweet and taste similar to regular carbs, but don’t have the same insulin-spiking blood glucose curdling effects as sugar or starches. Sugar alcohols are carbohydrates in terms of chemical structure, but don’t act like carbs in the digestive process. Only negative is that high concentrations  of sugar alcohols have a mild laxative effect.  Recommended for: Dieters, overweight people,  anyone who is carb-conscious. Recommended BrandsWorldwide Sports Pure Protein Bar, Atkins Bars, Universal Nutrition Doctor’s Diet CarbRite Bar.
  3. High protein weight gain bars: Pretty self explanatory. These bars are loaded with calories, usualy 30+ grams of protein, tons of carbs and a decent amount of fat. Given the freedom with macronutrients these bars usually taste really good (more sugars and fat). They are excellent for on the go snacks for athletes or bodybuilders looking to bulk up and add muscle quick, but I wouldn’t recommend them for anybody else because they do just that: add mass quick. Recommended for: Hard-gainers and skinny people, bodybuilders, anyone who “can’t gain weight.” Recommended Brand: Clif Bar Builder’s Bar.
  4. Organic whole food meal replacement bar: These are a new emerging class of meal replacement bars fueled by the interested in organic and whole food based products. Personally, these are my favorite types of bars because they taste pretty good and are actually really healthy for you. Most combine a host of superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and healthy carbs and fats plus a touch of whey protein. Recommended for: Health conscious individuals, detox, immunity support and well-being, dieters. Recommended Brands: Pro Bars, Lara Bar, Nugo Nutrition NuGo Bar, Nugo Organic Bar, Organic Food Bars.

One bar to rule them all

You may be wondering if there’s one bar to rule them all, Sauron’s Meal Replacement Bar tower eye that watches over all other meal replacement bars (and Frodo), ruling them with a glistening wrapper, enticing blend of superfoods and decadent taste. Could such a bar actually exist? I believe so. It’s called the Pro Bar my friends, and if you haven’t tried one, you’re seriously missing out. Here is a quick bullet list of why Pro Bars rule the universe of meal replacement bars:

  • “Superfood” whole food ingredients: Contains a super blend of superfoods like acai, berries, and greens, making it absolutely loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • 100% organic: Every ingredient is 100% organic. Awesome.
  • Price point: The Pro Bars are incredibly affordable given that they are organic and quite big. There are a lot of other bars out there that are just as expensive or even more expensive and not nearly as tasty, healthy, or filling as the Pro Bar. You can’t beat what you’re paying for with Pro Bar.
  • Good source of natural fruit and nut fiber + protein: Each bar is loaded with a decent amount of protein and fiber to slow assimilation of the carbohydrates (fiber) and aid in muscle recovery (protein).
  • Healthy fats: 700mg of Omega-3 ALA in each bar plus a ton of healthy mono and poly unsaturated fats from the crushed nuts sprinkled throughout.
  • Tastes excellent: Without a doubt the best tasting bar I’ve ever had. Nothing else compares to it. It has the perfect blend of fruit, nuts, and sweetness so it tastes great but you know it’s healthy. You have to try it to believe it.
  • Perfect for dieting or meal replacement: Great meal replacement bar for dieters looking to lose weight, at only 360-380 calories per bar you get enough calories to keep your metabolism churning and supply your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, but you don’t run the risk of overeating or gaining fat. Just don’t eat Pro Bars with meals, eat them as a standalone product while on a diet. They make for a great breakfast or as a late afternoon snack.
  • Also perfect for lean mass weight gain: Just eat two bars in one sitting, giving you 760 clean, healthy calories. Wash ’em down with a cold glass of whole milk for an extra protein boost.
  • Perfect on the go snack: These things are great to eat in the car or at work because they don’t crumble and aren’t messy, plus they don’t have chocolate coatings so they won’t melt or get gooey if left in the heat.
  • Tastes great cold: Try putting them in the fridge and eating them chilled. I like to have a Pro Bar with a cold glass of milk and some fresh berries. If you’re looking for more protein then try having a Pro Bar with a hand full of almonds and a glass of cold milk or whey protein shake.

There’s just nothing wrong with them. I honestly can’t find one negative. So…go Pro Bar or go home!

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